Rabalder - Gasolin & Kim Larsen Kopi Band

Cellophane brain


Gasolin - Malone

I took a little somethin'
Just the other day
And though my friends were cookin'
I knew i couldn't stay
Cause i had to make it
So i took myself a bus
But that was just an old folks home
Creepin down to the end.

So I got off the bus
And i started to walk
Took a look around me
Couldn't even talk
Then i saw a woman
With a bleedin baby
I thought it was a warnin' 'bout my
Ol, lady and my son.

I got scared
Right down my cellophane brain.

I came on home
Runnin' up the steps
The door was wide open
There was nothin' but a wreck
I cried out loud
Was it a bomb or bust or did they
Just leave me in the dust

There was an old woman
And I heard her shout
You're in the wrong place
And i'm movin' out
You better get upstairs
That's where you live boy
When i rang the right bell she said
Hey, babe where've you been

I was saved
Right down my cellophane brain.