Rabalder - Gasolin & Kim Larsen Kopi Band

Fatherless hill


Gasolin - Larsen

Thank you Mr. Jesus
thank you for the game
I've been through many changes
but you're still the same
for things are gettin' heavy
just about these days
seems like the whole world is failing
will there be no more delays.

Oh sister and brother
and sweet little mother
Let's go let's go to the mill
on fatherless hill
and let's pray
wo wo wo let's pray
wo wo wo let's pray
let us pray for the wind to come
for the wind to come.

They say my very father
is gettin' on his way
on a slow boat to CHINA
oh mother what a day!

So now when the devil tells me
what's wrong and what is right
should I then be peaceful
or should I stand up and fight!

Oh sister and brother...

Hello there in the desert
now let me tell you what
we're lookin' out for water
but I think I heard a shot.

Now was that silly me me
or was it stupid you?
we're lookin' out for water ya
but are we gettin' through?

Oh sister - brother...