Rabalder - Gasolin & Kim Larsen Kopi Band

Red lights


Red lights in the windows
and the smell of perfume and cheap delights
girls in the shadow
oh-oh love is for sale tonight
hey hey mister, could you give me a light
I've got something special if you follow me inside
I've been waiting just for you

What's comin' down down baby
down down baby tonight
what's comin' down down baby
down down baby tonight

I cannot describe the kisses
that she gave me that night
'cause I'm not a poet
but boy it felt so right
I guess I fell in love I said you should come with me
away from here to my home across the sea
but she laughed at me

What's comin' down...

I can't go
and you know
you're no good for me

Woke up in the morning
they were sweepin' the night off the street
the smile that she gave me
when she waved goodbye made me weep
hey hey mister, don't you weep for me
if you should come back you can have me for free
so don't go by if you hear someone cry

What's comin' down...